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Services Provided for the following areas:

FDA/USDA Regulatory Support | Prop 65 Compliance Consulting l Hazard/Risk Assessment | Food Safety and Production Consulting Services l Food Safety Training l Pesticide Residue & Drift Remediation

Technical assistance (coaching) to the legal industry on food and agricultural safety, exposure and chemical contamination issues.

Consulting for FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act regulatory issues such:
Import Detention or DWPE with sampling, testing, and petition for release
FDA NLEA Labeling
Shelf Life Study Design
Validation Study Design
Pre-audit for HACCP/GMP Programs
Food Safety Training for FSMA 

Consulting for Prop 65 Compliance and Settlement Agreements
  • Hazard Assessment for Prop 65-Safe Harbor listed additives, heavy metals, etc.
  • Design of Prevention Programs for Prop 65 compounds
  • Auditing of Manufacturing process for Prop 65 compliance
Conducting investigations on cases involving adulterated foods, feeds, commodities, & additives from chemical and biological contamination

Licensed Expert Witness

Registered & Licensed through TASA

Areas of Expertise:
  • Exposure and injury to agricultural chemicals, gases, fumigants and pathogens
  • Adulteration of foods to agricultural chemicals and pathogens
  • Quality control cases relating to foods, agricultural commodities, feeds, and additives.

Risk Assessment

Site Review:

  • Onsite review of agricultural production, food production, manufacturing & distribution focusing on risk assessment and exposure to chemical hazards.
  • Monitoring for chemical and biological exposure
  • Development of prevention and controls.
Toxicology Research:

  • Review of food manufacturing systems for potential contamination from Prop 65 compounds (pesticides, heavy metals, industrial contaminates)
  • Risk management of agricultural systems for chemical exposure
  • Air monitoring for fumigants, ethylene, refrigerants, and petroleum bi products.


  • Monitoring and testing for chemical and microbiological hazards, (agricultural chemicals, industrial chemicals, pathogenic bacteria, fumigants, etc.

Pesticide Residue Management and Drift Remediation

  • Sampling and testing of crops (organic or conventional) to determine remediation.
  • Monitoring of air for pesticide residue drift.
  • MRL Training of Growers and PCA to avoid MRL non compliance
  • MRL Residue Management of Crops (decline curve generation)

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