Sumner Analytical Services

Sumner Analytical Services Or (SA Services) 

Providing Scientific Support to the Food and Agricultural Industry Since 1992

Providing risk assessment and consulting services in Agriculture or Food Manufacturing for FDA, EPA or Ca Prop 65 regulated processes and products. We make sure that your end products are in compliance with the regulations and pose no threat to you consumers.  We offer the evaluation, training, and certification of Prop 65 compliance in the US, Mexico, China, Taiwan, Canada, UK or anywhere that exports to California or the US.  

Started in 1992 as a consulting and testing service we focused on determining the risk assessment in agricultural production, industrial applications or food manufacturing.  The focus is on toxic agricultural and industrial chemicals or heavy metals and determining if the end products would be in compliance of  the FDA, EPA or CA Prop 65.  Many of the compounds we look for typically are not directly added to the product, but are introduced as adulterants from many ingredients or practices.

Specific list of Services
  • Risk Assessment or Evalulation of food ingredients or production practices for FDA or Prop 65 related chemical or heavy metal adulteration.
  • Training of in house QA/QC or Safety Personnel for the administration of FDA or Prop 65 compliance programs.
  • Lab evaluation of products or packaging for migration of Prop 65 compounds.
  • Certification of Production Practices for FDA or Prop 65 Compliance.
  • Determining the core toxicity studies (exposure and remediation) for FDA or Prop 65 related compounds.
  • Applications of this process include Candy Manufacturing, Soft Drink Manufacturing, Spice Industry, Fruit Juice Manufacturing, Toothpaste Manufacturing. Processed fruit and vegetables, Seafood Industry and Agriculture. 
  • List of Food Manufacturers, Chili Processors and their products in compliance of the Settlement Agreement with Prop 65.
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